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Where to start is often the most difficult decision of all. What is recommended is a plan of progressive steps, first of all to enable you to decide if there is demand for the type of business you propose to operate, and secondly and most importantly, if the business is a viable proposition. Only then can the final stage be put into action – getting the business started.

To assist potential business operators, a suggested operational plan is presented below. This
plan of course has its limitations in that is may not cover every eventuality but the basic steps
remain the same.

The basic steps are as follows:
a) Identify potential customers
b) Select potential site or premises
c) Determine type of business
d) Product range
e) Equipment
f) Staff requirement
g) Finalise above
h) Commence operation

For many operators some assistance or advice will be necessary.In particular, advice on product range, equipment requirements, recipes, costings and bakehouse layout is freely available. Demonstrations, fault findings and follow up are really necessary.


How to Keep Your Bread Fresh So You Never Eat Soggy Bread Again

Stale bread is tasteless bread. That is how we use to describe bread that loses its crustiness and delicious airy characteristic. So why not learn ways to keep bread fresh until dinner tonight or better yet, breakfast tomorrow? When baking your own bread or buying newly baked bread, you must remember that there are certain steps to follow to prolong its crispiness and retain its baked oven taste. Here are some good ideas.

1. Avoid wrapping warm or hot bread too soon because the hot air that would be trapped inside the packages could cause condensation and moisture. When this happens, the moisture could seep in to the other parts of the bread and make it limp or soggy.

2. When storing the bread keep it on room temperature while in paper, sealed plastic bags or airtight break box. It can last up to one week if it is on secured and clean container. Keeping the bread as well inside the fridge can prevent the molds from quickly contaminating it although other bread makers may not recommend it because accordingly if the temperature fails molds may still grow on it.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bakery Style And Trend-Bread Boutique

Running a bakery business usually not very different with other food and beverage business.However,a traditional way of getting sales and easy marketing begin to get very challenging these day.People now are very aware about the right choice of dietary and learn to appreciate bakery product as they are not hesitate to spend more on the product that win their confidence.

Consumer these day will not only choose the cleanest and friendly customer bakery but also take a factor like bread design,healthy ingredient,bakery concept with exciting shopping experience and of course store with clean and hygienic environment.Bread boutique is the latest concept in bakery business and providing consumer with all the additional factor that can increase the bakery revenue and sales.

Like any other kind of boutique,bread boutique usually set up at a shopping mall or in the area with high dense commercial building.These boutique offers a new concept of bread making and interesting set up of display room with unique bread design,creative and innovative.The store design will let the customer to see through the glass and see what happening in the kitchen and experience themselves how the bread being prepared.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Basic Bakery Operation

Everybody loves bread.It is simple and easy to eat even while you are walking on the street or on the the way to your office.Loves eating it does not mean that you know how to make it.We usually get our bread and pastry at bakery or supermarket and it is already baked and ready to eat.But do you know how the bakers made it and what is the basic bakery operation took place?

Bakery operation can be divided into four main section.This section including mixing,shaping,dressing and baking.There are certain tools and machinery needed although there are sometime it just need experience and skill obtained by long years in this fields.Different with other type of food and beverage business,bakery business need more than one staff that work in production kitchen to be more efficient.

Mixing is the most important section in bakery operation.This section will determine how long your production will run each day including washing and cleaning process.The one who responsible in mixing dough for bread,topping and cake mixed need to be accurate,consistent,discipline with high level of concentration to avoid mistake and waste.Not to mention using a lot of energy. Just imagine if someone who work with 20kg to 25kg of sweet dough each session,need to transfer the dough from the mixer to the kneed table to cut and weighted before dividing it to smaller pieces.These tiring process will easily make people forget and made a mistake on following the right recipe.

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