Monday, May 31, 2010

Choose The Right Mixer For Your Bakery

Mixer is one of the most important machinery needed in bakery operation.Having the right mixer will help increase your bakery production and sales.However this machinery need to be choose wisely to avoid loss and waste.In your bakery operation,it would be best to separate the using of your mixer between dough and cake related product.That mean you need at least two different mixer.

Why need separate mixer?The ingredient and method used to mix dough and cakes are different.Dough as you know mix in clumps but cake mix usually more watery or diluting.By having separate mixer will increase efficiency in your operation as these two machine can operate simultaneously,easy to clean and maintain and most importantly you can save a lot of time.

Before you buy a mixer,you need to make sure about your bakery production capacity.For examples how many bread or cakes you wanna produce each day.This is vital because it will determine the usage of your mixer.If your bakery production consist of let say 60/40 bread/cakes production,you need heavy duty dough mixer and a medium mixer for your cake product.

Because of it's nature,dough mixer usually need to be bigger to support your bread production.For medium bakery operation that produce about 1500 pieces to 2000 piece of bread,that use 50gm dough each will need about 10 kilograms of dough.You need a mixer that can support at least 10 kilograms for each runs.To mix 10 kilograms dough,you will need a medium mixer that is 15 kilograms max load.What if your production need 20 kilograms dough a day?So you have to run your mixer twice and these will tax your time.It will be more efficient if you have bigger mixer that can support 30 kilograms load.You just need to mix once and you can spent your time for other thing.

You have to keep in mind that using less time with your mixer will prolong its lifeline.Make sure your mixer can support the load by knowing it capacity.Mixer usually comes in 15kg,20kg,40kg,60kg or 80kg There are two types of mixer that you can choose from spiral or planetary mixer.Spiral mixer usually bigger and heavier than planetary mixer.The different between these two is for spiral mixer,the bowl moves around but for planetary mixer,the beater or hook moves inside the static bowl.


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