Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Recycling a bakery product-Mini Muffin

There is a lot you can do with your bakery product before you decided to throw it away.All you need  is a small "makeover" and some creative touch.Imagine if you can turn wastage into profit and double its value.Most of bakery shop sells cake related product to offers variety to their customer for examples Swiss Roll,Chiffon Cake,Muffins and Croissant.All this product can be recycle if they're near expired.Here i will show some examples and method including calculation so that the product you decide to recycle can still give you a good profit.

Mini Muffin

Regular sales price: $3 per pack. Each pack contains 15 pcs of mini muffin.

Now we use 2 pack = 30 pcs mini muffin = $6

We repack the muffin into 10pcs per pack and we add some colourful topping and some decoration to improves its value.

After some "upgrading",we can get 3 pack of mini muffin that contain 10 pcs each.You can resell for $2.50 per pack or more if you like.

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