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Where to start is often the most difficult decision of all. What is recommended is a plan of progressive steps, first of all to enable you to decide if there is demand for the type of business you propose to operate, and secondly and most importantly, if the business is a viable proposition. Only then can the final stage be put into action – getting the business started.

To assist potential business operators, a suggested operational plan is presented below. This
plan of course has its limitations in that is may not cover every eventuality but the basic steps
remain the same.

The basic steps are as follows:
a) Identify potential customers
b) Select potential site or premises
c) Determine type of business
d) Product range
e) Equipment
f) Staff requirement
g) Finalise above
h) Commence operation

For many operators some assistance or advice will be necessary.In particular, advice on product range, equipment requirements, recipes, costings and bakehouse layout is freely available. Demonstrations, fault findings and follow up are really necessary.

1. Identify sufficient potential customers – foot traffic, car traffic, wholesale

2. Locate a suitable site or premises

  • i) Sufficient foot traffic
  • ii) Convenient car parking
  • iii) Sufficient bakehouse space
  • iv) Sufficient storage space
  • v) Retail or wholesale despatch space
  • vi) Health or building costs

3. Lease or building costs

4. Permits, Certificates and Consents

  • i) Contact your local council

5. Determine the type of business required to satisfy customers

  • i) Hot Bread Shop
  • ii) Home Cookery
  • iii) Lunch Bar
  • iv) Cake Shop – decorated cakes
  • v) Coffee Bar – bakery
  • vi) Combinations of any of the above

6. Set up of product range

  • i) Hot Bread
  • ii) Yeast goods – buns, rolls, doughnuts
  • iii) Sponge lines
  • iv) Sheets
  • v) Madeira Cakes
  • vi) Various lines – muffins, scones etc

7. Product costings and sales prices

8. Define necessary equipment required to produce the desired product range

9. Equipment prices

10. Staff

  • Staff Requirement
  • Production Staff
  • Finishing Staff
  • Sales Staff
  • Labour Costs

11. Will the business be viable?

12. Bake house layout

13. Finalise lease or building purchase.Arrange equipment purchase,Building alterations, shop fittings, oven hood, work benches,purchase sundry equipment,appoint staff,purchase of ingredients.

14. Trials bakes

15. Opening

16. Review of operation at regular intervals:

  • Introduction of new products
  • Change of product range
  • Update of costings and prices
  • Change of working or opening hours
  • Change of type of business


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