Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food poisoning

Food poisoning definition

Food poisoning is a sickness happen after eating a food that already polluted with germ or chemical sustain.Many case of food poisoning resulted death.Food poisoning causing indigestion,stomach pain,nausea,diarrhoea and fever.How the food poisoning started?Food that been prepared too early and served in room temperature more than four hours.Usually bacteria start active and reproduce itself after four hours the food been cooked.Taking too long to cool a hot dishes before storing in the fridge will resulted food poisoning,meanwhile if the food doesn't cooked with enough temperature to kill the bacteria will cause serious problem.Cross contamination between food that already cook and not also resulted the food poisoning.

Factors that influenced germ and bacteria reproduction

Like all other living organism,germ and bacteria also need food to sustain and reproducing.There is several type of food that attract them:
i-high protein food
v-ready to eat food

Germ and bacteria that causing sickness can lives and reproduce itself in human body temperature (37°C).However germ also can reproduce faster in between 5°C to 62°C.

In preferred condition,bacteria reproduce by dividing itself to same portion every 20 to 30 minutes.In continuous reproduction, one cell bacteria can reproduce up to 17 million in eight hours and 1 trillion in ten hours!


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