Sunday, December 21, 2008

How to make bread pudding

Here, i will share with you on how to prepare an easy dessert.This delicious dessert well known with many name but here...we just call it "Bread pudding".The main ingredient is just simple bread.
Note that this recipe serve for 2 or 3 person only.


Prepare some extra slice of sandwich bread (or you also can use any bread that based on sweet dough)

  1. You can choose any flavor you want either chocolate or strawberry flavor.
  2. Get some egg,let say about 10 PCs.
  3. Mixed the egg with 300gm sugar.
  4. Add some fresh milk about 500ml.
  5. Put some water,depends on how sweet you want your bread pudding taste.
  6. Mix altogether until it gives you good colors and smell delicious.
  7. Put the bread in a mold along with other bread that you want.
  8. Then pour slowly flavor that you mix earlier into the mold,put some pressure on it.
  9. Set your oven to 185 Celsius and baked it for 45 minute.


Laurie December 24, 2008 at 9:15 AM  

I love bread pudding! Great recipe and I look forward to seeing more of your delectable delights.

fadt December 25, 2008 at 1:25 PM  

Hmm...thanks! I'll try to update with many more easy recipe for you ;)

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