Monday, June 21, 2010

How to Keep Your Bread Fresh So You Never Eat Soggy Bread Again

Stale bread is tasteless bread. That is how we use to describe bread that loses its crustiness and delicious airy characteristic. So why not learn ways to keep bread fresh until dinner tonight or better yet, breakfast tomorrow? When baking your own bread or buying newly baked bread, you must remember that there are certain steps to follow to prolong its crispiness and retain its baked oven taste. Here are some good ideas.

1. Avoid wrapping warm or hot bread too soon because the hot air that would be trapped inside the packages could cause condensation and moisture. When this happens, the moisture could seep in to the other parts of the bread and make it limp or soggy.

2. When storing the bread keep it on room temperature while in paper, sealed plastic bags or airtight break box. It can last up to one week if it is on secured and clean container. Keeping the bread as well inside the fridge can prevent the molds from quickly contaminating it although other bread makers may not recommend it because accordingly if the temperature fails molds may still grow on it.

3. If you want to store bread for longer periods, wrap the loaf in foil and put it inside airtight plastic bag and keep it inside the freezer. If possible, the loaf must be whole to prevent freezer burn but if you want to cut out a slice make sure the remaining part are once again stored in the same condition.

4. Frozen bread needs thawing at room temperature. When thawing completes, warm the bread in the oven with a 350 degrees Fahrenheit for around ten minutes to make it crispy again. If there is no oven available, slices can be put into the toaster.

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