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Choosing the right spot for your bakery business will effect almost every aspect of your future development.The type of your product need to be acceptance by customer in that area.For examples,bakery outlet in commercial area that consist mostly office building should aims for office lady for their returned customer.Office worker usually have limited time to have proper lunch,so they'll need something that easy to eat,fast and convenient.Office lady usually care for their dietary,so low carbohydrate product or sandwiches should be the best choice of product.

There is a different types of product for bakery outlet that being set up in a shopping mall.We can assume that shopping mall area will have very high traffic of  family based customer.That bakery should provide more colorful and interesting product to attract young customer.The choosing of cartoon based bakery product will catch children attention to come inside your outlet and they will surely bring along their parent for the cash.Their first step into your store is what we aims for.You need to present a good impression while they inside your store.

You can present a clean and neat arrangement for your product or choose from any bakery concept for examples bread boutique concept.A creative setup with good lightning and some good music will give your customer new experience and creates a cozy atmosphere for them to remember.Provide your customer with variety of excellent product with good price to ensure them that your store have everything that any bakery outlet can offers. 

Bakery outlet in both location have a different set of regulation to follow through.For examples for bakery outlet in a shopping mall cannot have fire based equipment.The oven need to be electric based oven that use electric power to baked.No gas or equipment that can produce actual fire will be allowed in shopping mall.Local fire department will do monthly check to ensure this so choose your equipment wisely based on what location you want to set up your bakery.Safety equipment such as fire extinguisher and first aid also essential.In both cases,consent from health department also required therefore pest control and training in food handling management will provide you sufficient information for your business run smoothly.  



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