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Blueberry Cheese Tart

As i promise,today i wanna share with you guys simple Blueberry Cheese Tart recipe.As usual I'm using the word "simple" again.Trust me,really easy to prepare.I'm doing it everyday at work.Its like must have dessert in every customer menu order.Well,before that...i wanna share with you all some tips and trick in mixing ingredients.Today i saw my staff make a chocolate muffins,first he prepare the egg in a bowl and then put the muffin mix.Do you know that there is a different between put a dry ingredient to a liquid ingredient and vice verse??Sure there is!Here the tips.if you want to mix ingredient,you need to prepare the dry ingredient first(flour,yeast,sugar,muffin mix) then put the liquid(water,egg,butter).Only then your ingredient will mix well and you ll get better result.Maybe some people think that is not necessary but trust me,in some dishes,if you not using the right method,you ll not getting perfect score.OK,done with my BS.... where is the recipe??Here you go....

Blueberry Cheese Tart


Cream cheese: 650gm
Icing sugar: 125gm
Margarine: 50gm
Egg: 225gm
Fresh milk: 25ml
Corn flour: 75gm

note:I've divide this recipe 4 times from my daily use.


If you use a mixer,put all the ingredients except fresh milk and mix them for 4-5 minutes until fluffy.Then slowly add the milk.Continue mixing for 1 minute.There you go,you made yourself cheese tart filling.

Now for the base tart(crust).I already share with you guys in my last post,so you need to read my older post about tart dough.The different between egg tart base and blueberry cheese tart base is the base need to be baked first before you pipe the cheese filling on it.Shape the tart dough into tart tin:

then baked for 10 minutes depend on how crispy you want your crust be.After the base cool,remove from tart tin.Then you can pipe your cheese tart filling on your tart crust.Then add blueberry jam or filling on top of it.Baked again for 8 minutes.

You also can use other filling like strawberry,chocolate,raspberry anything you like and transform the recipe into strawberry cheese tart,chocolate cheese tart or raspberry cheese tart.Use your imagination! :)Enjoy!


cooking terminology February 11, 2010 at 12:56 AM  

havent tasted this one. looks delicious!

Jenny March 26, 2010 at 3:18 AM  

Hmmn…looks so yummy!, thanks for writing up this recipee :-)
I'm gonna try it on my hubby's birthday.
Thanks and Regards,

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